It’s Supernatural?

Something that has always fascinated me is the ability of cessationists to attribute supernatural activities to the Devil while simultaneously denying any current supernatural works of God. Let me explain.

First, for those unfamiliar with the term, a cessationist is one who believes the supernatural gifts of the Spirit (e.g. speaking in tongues, miracles, healing, words of wisdom, etc.) ceased (hence the term cessationist) when the apostles died. Since they view those gifts as part of a special “dispensation” in a bygone era, any supernatural manifestation today must be of the Devil. And that’s where I get off the cessationist train.

Here’s the logical flaw in cessationist thinking. They claim that supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit died out with the original apostles, but since we still have supernatural occurrences here on earth they need an answer for those. Their answer is: the DEVIL. So in cessationist thinking, the Devil is still perfectly capable of instigating supernatural acts through his minions and willing human compatriots, but God is incapable of doing the same because He decided to stop doing miracles after John died.

Now, we can believe that no supernatural events happen anymore. That’s a logical possibility. If we claim that nothing supernatural happens anymore then we are off the hook, but as Christians what do we do with all the talk about the Devil in scripture? If supernatural stuff was just for a limited engagement after Christ ascended and we are totally submersed in a materialistic plane now, is the Devil just a figurative being now?

Hopefully you see how silly it all is. Either supernatural events still take place on earth (and there is ample evidence that they do…from both good and evil sources) or no supernatural events occur, at least nothing that cannot be explained by naturalistic science. So this is our choice. Do we believe that supernatural events occur or not?

For a Christian it seems foolish to take the anti-supernatural stance. After all, the core of our faith is belief that God caused a virgin to become pregnant, that child grew into a man, was unjustly killed, and then rose from the dead and ascended into Heaven where He resides today. And that’s what has always stunned me about the cessationist position.

Christians start from a place of faith and belief in the supernatural! It’s our home base, so to speak. For me, accepting and walking in the supernatural things of God is only natural. Just think about it. We believe that God Himself is dwelling within us and is connected to our spirits. We believe that God speaks to us through His Spirit. We also believe God created everything in existence. Well if we believe all that, then speaking in tongues, or healing, or words of wisdom aren’t much of a mental stretch.

So if you’ve been apprehensive about walking in the supernatural or accepting the things of the Spirit, take a little time and think through your position. God IS a supernatural being. We are inhabited by His Spirit. Surely that’s enough evidence for us to accept and believe in the supernatural lifestyle we were designed to lead.

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