Christmas 2017

Crowds. Anthills of humans stirred,

Prowling the aisles for deals.

Bouncy, sugary sweet tunes

Endlessly repeat, but somehow

Pour peace into our minds.

Merry Christmas…Happy Holidays?

How did politics get in here? Who invited them?

Joy’s virtues extolled in word and song and film

Christmas is here.

Lights grow on trees, houses, bushes,

Mini Macy’s day floats spring from yards

Internally glowing with Christmas Spirit.

Pastries and goodies and dinners, oh my!

Jesus, the Christ child, in plastic and wood and glass

Dusted off, arranged with the menagerie on countless shelves.

Cards and special gifts and family and friends.

Hope. Above all, hope.

Sunlight evaporates all the trappings leaving only


Darkness will not persist…Hope.

God loves us…Hope.

Jesus came to rescue us…Hope.

Light can be touched, felt, experienced, internalized.


That’s Christmas.

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