Taste Test

Yesterday America’s pastor Billy Graham passed from this world into the next. As Christians and even non-Christians celebrated his life and legacy, one dissenting voice rang out in stark contrast to the positive thoughts of so many. An obscure internet troll and writer for Teen Vogue (yes, that same magazine frequently filled with stunningly inappropriate content) named Lauren Duca tweeted, “The big news today is that Billy Graham was still alive this whole time. Anyway, have fun in hell, bi–h”.

Maybe you’ve heard the phrase, “the proof is in the pudding”. It’s one of those phrases that gets tossed around but is incomplete. The actual saying is, “The proof of the pudding is in the eating”. (More info here if you’re interested.) Both mean essentially the same thing, that you must test something out once it’s completed in order to assess the value of that thing.

It’s important for me to interject here that I am a libertarian. Essentially, I believe in a free market place of ideas allowing anyone to speak what’s on their mind with the one caveat that no one cause harm to another. So I have no issue with Ms. Duca’s right to make her comment. She is free to say what she likes even though I do not condone what she said. In modern debate the alarming trend from both sides of almost any issue is a desire to censor the other side. Duca has already tweeted that she is receiving death threats from Christians because of her comment, and that’s ridiculous. Freedom of ideas and freedom of speech mean anyone has the right to say what they please, again as long as they do not slander or libel someone or provoke violence.

However, in a free market of ideas individuals become consumers of ideologies and this is where I want to focus. While I believe anyone can toss anything they like into the online ether, we must test out their ideas and see if they hold water…or, the proof the pudding is in the eating. Herein lies the major difference between Duca and Rev. Graham. One espouses a set of ideals that promotes peace and love and the other promotes a set of ideals that promotes hate and intolerance.

Somehow, over the last few decades, the progressive leftist movement has marketed itself as the keepers of the ideology of peace and tolerance. But consider the hateful statement Duca made within hours of Billy Graham’s death. How is such rhetoric tolerant or peaceful? And when did ad hominem attacks become standard in American public discourse? How did the nation founded by brilliant thinkers like Jefferson, Adams, and Franklin devolve into Pee Wee Herman-esque comebacks…”I know you are, but what am I?”?

Without belaboring the point further, my encouragement is for you to investigate this yourself. Much like recommending a restaurant, you simply cannot confirm or deny the referrer’s opinion without sampling the food yourself. Simply google some of the loudest champions of the various ideological camps in America today and read what they have written, or listen, or watch, and sample their ideas for yourself.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. As you sample their ideas and consider the implications of the truth statements each group makes, ask yourself some guiding questions:

  • How do these ideas promote harmony and peace between humans?
  • Will these ideas promote equity among groups of people?
  • Does this group and its ideas foster freedom of speech, religion, and thought?
  • How do adherents of this ideology treat each other and other people, especially those who disagree with their views?
  • If I subscribe to these views, will I like the person I become?

As a libertarian thinker, I would not force my beliefs upon anyone, but I firmly subscribe to the theory that genuine, absolute truth always triumphs when free thinking is allowed. This is why I am not a progressive leftist. In response to the last question in the list above, I would not like the person I would become if I accepted and acted upon their ideological views.

When someone like Ms. Duca trumpets hateful thoughts like she did yesterday, it only exposes the dark underbelly of leftist thinking. It’s no different than the Westboro Baptist folks spouting their own version of hate, just from a different camp. I’m content with freedom of speech, but it’s only fair that the ideas put forth by individuals be examined for consistency and plausibility. Duca, and those in the leftist camp, claim to be champions of equality and free speech, but in truth they are leading the charge for government censorship of any and all viewpoints in opposition to their own.

Don’t believe me? Do your research, ask questions, investigate, and see for yourself. The proof of the pudding is in the eating.



C.S. Lewis wrote, “All that we call human history–money, poverty, ambition, war, prostitution, classes, empires, slavery–[is] the long terrible story of man trying to find something other than God which will make him happy.”

Why would humanity spend its existence searching for meaning and purpose? Why do we all desire answers to the questions of life? Where do these inborn traits come from?

The answers to those questions lie in understanding our origins. If we do not understand why God created us then we will never find our purpose because we will search in the wrong places. Let us consider our primary, original purposes and perhaps this will help clarify your purpose and destiny a bit further.


In the beginning God created Adam and breathed into him. This is incredibly important because God did not breathe into any other created being in this realm. Only Adam, only humans, have this distinction. Indeed, this is what separates us from the animals. Modern evolutionists are fond of calling us animals, and in a sense we are quite similar to many of the creatures on earth, but we are radically different because only we carry the image of God imprinted on us.

Being an “imager” of God, a term Michael Heiser uses, means we reflect His qualities and attributes. We are made to be like God. Within us we carry abilities and gifts directly given to us by God that we were created to use to bless humanity and the earth. When we discover these through prayer and meditation and study, we will walk in our purpose and destiny and find the fulfillment we desire.


God’s command to Adam was to rule over the creation. Humanity was to “fill the earth and subdue it”. We were meant to landscape and garden and coax the beauty out of the earth. We were meant to domesticate animals and care for them. We were meant to shape the earth into a paradise where all humanity could live in peace. We still carry that mandate even though sin and death have made these tasks much more difficult.

When we understand we were created to be rulers and have authority, we understand the inborn desire we all have to dominate something. Whether that something is art, science, people, ideas, machines, animals, mathematics, etc., does not matter. We all carry within us this desire to master something and our struggle is to do just that. This is because of our rulership mandate.

It’s important to note that we were not originally designed to rule over people. This is a result of the fall. When the people of Israel begged God for a king to rule over them, God told them no before finally giving in to them. God’s design is for Him to be the ruler and for us to govern as His subordinates in the earth. When we are properly aligned within that structure, we will not see other people as threats to our desires but as fellow imagers who need our help to carry out their purpose and who can help us with ours.


God does not specifically tell Adam to create, but creation is so integral to God’s nature it seems obvious that we were meant to create. Creativity comes in many forms, so I am not referring to a specific type of creativity. Whether one creates art, science, math, mechanics, poetry, kinetics, or music, all these are some of the many ways we can create.

Creation is about bringing something new into existence that is filtered through your consciousness. You are the unique factor in the process. My music composition professor in college was a world famous composer. He was fond of saying, “There’s only twelve notes!” He went on to say he believed no one could compose a truly unique composition because there would always be some piece of it that was not original to you. I agree with him because we are incapable of creating as God creates, and only God can bring something that never was into existence.

In other words, we can create using the universe around us, our minds, our spirits, creation itself…but we cannot create something from nothing. That should not stop us from creating. As His imagers we inherently desire to bring things forth into existence, and even if parts of our creations are not original, anything we create will be unique simply because it passed through our being into existence.


When the Pharisees tried to trap Jesus with their question about which commandment was the greatest, Jesus responded with two commands about love. He said to love God and love people. Perhaps our greatest reason for existence is to be carriers of His love in the universe. Because God breathed into humanity, we have the capacity to carry a part of God within us. Indeed, when we submit and receive salvation we are “born again” meaning our original spirit is imbued with life and power from Holy Spirit.

Once we are regenerated, God literally dwells within us. This means we have God’s love at work within our physical bodies and within our minds and spirits. When we are regenerated we suddenly have the ability to be a channel of God’s love from heaven into the earth. We can bring His love into the creation and to other people because He lives within us.

We have no higher calling. Jesus made this plain. We were designed primarily to reflect God’s love back to God and to other people. When we walk in this love we are walking in our original design and purpose. Everything else in your life will flow from this place. We must start and end with love and allow God’s agape love to bookend our lives.


You and I are originals. We were created to be imagers of God, to govern creation, to create, and to love. Understanding these original design specifications helps us to understand ourselves better. Walking in these traits and allowing them to shape who we are through the power of Holy Spirit will bring us into alignment with God so we will have peace and joy each day.

I pray you discover your destiny as you journey this path of life. It is only found within a relationship with Jesus because He is the original designer. Remember that you are uniquely and wonderfully made and God has a purpose for your life. May you surrender to Him and discover that truth today.