Taste Test

Yesterday America's pastor Billy Graham passed from this world into the next. As Christians and even non-Christians celebrated his life and legacy, one dissenting voice rang out in stark contrast to the positive thoughts of so many. An obscure internet troll and writer for Teen Vogue (yes, that same magazine frequently filled with stunningly inappropriate content) [...]

Infamous Days

It's been 76 years since the "day that will live in infamy". It's important that we remember days like this one, days where tragedies altered history's course. But we must not simply remember because of the tragedy, that would be defeating and defaming the lives lost in Hawaii all those years ago.   We remember [...]


Time is like a river they say. Drifting at times, at others calm and steady, Sometimes rushing headlong, rocks ahead, threatening, Yet always moving at the same pace. Tick...tick...tick... Moments caught up in white, foamy torrents lapping the banks of life, And we are left remembering. Looking back we may miss the next turn, But [...]